With our event data and Spotify’s huge reach, your gigs are now discoverable by even more fans!

Our partnership with Spotify will bring your events to millions of music lovers. When you ticket a concert with us, Spotify listeners will see your events across multiple touch-points on the Spotify platform.

As Spotify’s ticketing partner, whenever we have tickets for an event, they’ll always be easy for fans to find when listening to their favourite artists.

Here's how it works:

  • Spotify uses our event and ticket data which refreshes four times per day. 
  • Spotify shows upcoming concerts to their users throughout their desktop and mobile apps. 
  • When a user discovers a show, they can click through to Ticketmaster and purchase tickets.


We also enable Spotify to target fans with concert recommendations in their app and via emails. With geo-targeting and user’s listening history, Spotify can make highly relevant recommendations to your fans.

It’s all part of our constantly expanding reach which makes your events available in more places, to more fans.

For more information about our new Spotify partnership contact your Client Account manager or email us sales@ticketmaster.co.uk.

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